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Below you will find links to some interesting electric car and environmental sites.

Educational Resources

Plug In America. This grassroots organisation has been crucial in keeping the electric transport agenda alive and forcing political change. Join up, learn more and make your voice count during this critical time for the well being of our planet.

European Environmental Agency Official climate change reports from the European Environmental Agency.

Beyond Endurance Follow the environmental adventures of a group of young students in their journey to Antarctica, following in the footsteps of famous explorer Ernest Shackelton.

British Vehicle Certification Agency. Useful info on the requirements to register your vehicle as electric. Where thinking analytical writers dissemble the propoganda that pervades our commercial media. The late great Kurt Vonnegut used to post here.

More Useful Electric Car Resources Electrifying Times Magazine. Online magazine for all the latest in electric vehicle news.

First Again. This company will consider providing loans for electric cars.

Green Car Congress. Provides analytical information on green transport and energy.

Megawatt Motorworks. All about electric vehicles.

Electric Vehicles Clubs and Associations

These EV clubs provide a lot of support people interested in converting their own cars to electric. They hold meetings and organise events and are a good way of hooking up with like-minded people and learning from their experience with electric vehicles.(If your club is not listed here, just let us know and we'll be happy to include it!)



Alaska EVA


Phoenix EVA

Tucson EVA


Chico EAA

Konocti EAA

East Bay EAA

North Bay EAA

San Diego EVA

San Fransisco EVA

San Jose EAA

Silicon Valley EAA

Ventura County EAA

Fox Valley Eaa

San Diego


Australian EVA



British EVA


Ottawa EVC

Durham EVA

Vancouver EVA

Toronto EVS

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