Green Technology for Electric Cars

It is possible for householders to install green technology in their homes and to use that to fuel electric cars. Many electric car enthusiasts are already powering their wheels from solar panels on their homes. Renewable energy installation companies report that business is booming as more people decide to go down this route.

I believe that in ten years time, it will be absolutely commonplace for ordinary householders to recharge their electric cars overnight from renewable sources, such as wind, or solar energy.

The amazing thing about green electricity, is that it would be a free source of fuel, once the installations are paid for. There would be small ongoing maintenance costs, but nothing like what we are paying for fuel today.

If you are thinking of driving electric, then you are probably also thinking of trying to free yourself completely from ever-rising fuel costs in your home also.

Energy self-sufficiency is the way to go, and savvy people are getting in early. The earlier you install solar/wind generators in your home, the sooner they pay for themselves and start saving you money. Then you can plug in your car to your personal, renewable energy supply.

Wouldn't it feel great to be able to drive around in your cool electric car on free fuel?

The real green potential of electric cars is that you can hook them up to renewable energy supply from your own home, if you install the technology. As individuals, we can do something real about pollution and climate change and still have cars to do all the stuff we need cars for:)

Can I install solar panels on my car?

This is a question a lot of people ask me. It would seem to be the obvious choice, but sorry guys, it just ain't a runner.

Unfortunately self-solar powered cars are not a viable option. (This is where the solar panels are on the car itself, as opposed to your house.)

The surface area of a car isn't big enough to be able to power it by putting solar panels on the roof. So, put them on your house roof and use that!

Even if you covered your car with solar panels, you would probably only be able to power a hairdryer! It would be pretty cool to have your own portable renewable source of solar energy on your car roof, but until some brain box inventor makes a new discovery, it's not possible.

Yes, it has been tried----a really lightweight sports car was built by a group of students from the California Polytech University . They named their baby the CalPoly Pomona Solar Car and it did work. But it was impractical----it was so light it would not be safe for use on the roads and it was rather uncomfortable. The drivers had to practically lie horizontal to fit inside!

ZAP electric cars have just introduced a three-wheel Xebra model which has a solar panel on the roof. But I'm afraid it doesn't provide enough juice to drive the car on its own. It just supplements the batteries. A true solar-powered car is still a mere gleam in the scientists' eyes!

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