The Zap Electric Car

The ZAP electric car is not a NEV, because it has only three wheels and strictly speaking is not even a car. Strange as it may seem, it is officially classified as a motorbike, like the NmG. However, many people who are interested in NEVs might also like to consider the ZAP.

zap electric car

The ZAP Xebra Sedan is the one with the fabulous zebra stripes----perfect for those of you who like to make an entrance and be noticed. You know who you are! Actually, as you may have noticed, I have a particular liking for this Design Statement in the form of a car!

The ZAP has similar advantages to the NmG. You can lane-split where legal. You can use car-pool lanes. In some places, you can even get off the ferry first, if you have a ferry-commute. You can also license and park the Zap like a motorbike, which is an enormous advantage.

There is also a solar panel version of the Zap electric car. Zap say that, by itself, this panel can fuel short journeys. Very short, I would think! Realistically speaking, the panel works as a supplemental source of power to add a bit more range to your journeys, just like regenerative braking would. But it's all good! Anything that uses renewable solar energy and replaces polluting fossil-fuel energy is good by me. Well done ZAP!

The ZAP has a lower speed than the NmG, and therefore is not legal on the highway. Its maximum speed is 40 miles per hour, which means it has similar limitations to a NEV, in terms of what roads it can be used on. But hey, if you drove any faster, those lovely stripes would go all blurry!

P.S. For the less showy-off amongst you, the zap car does come in more subdued colours, like plain blue, with no design whatsoever, just like any old car!

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